Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

1. Our goal is to get you more referrals.

Building a relationship with your clients beyond the closing table is what this program is all about. A lot of agents customarily give their clients a gift at closing, just a small "thank you for using me" gesture. What if your closing gift could give to them each month for a whole year, not just on closing day? Would your clients rave about you to their friends and colleges who may be looking to buy or sell?

The process couldn't be easier. Just add your clients, then sit back and let us handle everything for you.

2. How long does it take to build a campaign?

Building a custom campaign is simple; we just require a few bits of information to start. Once you select the campaign you wish to start, just enter the campaign details and you are done. The whole process takes less than a minute.

We just need:

1. When you would like to start the campaign.
2. The clients address where they receive mail.
3. First and last name(s) of the client receiving the campaign letters.
4. Birthdays associated with clients, as each campaign includes a Happy Birthday greeting from you.

3. What do my clients get?

Depending on the campaign over the duration of each campaign, your client will receive both gift cards or redemption codes in a branded letter from you. We print the letter which will include either a gift card or redemption code, and send it out to your client. You don't have to worry about a thing.

There are 2 to 12 letters depending on the campaign you choose. Some campaigns include 1-2 birthday letters. Each letter contains a gift card or redemption code(s) from the list below.

Starbucks, Redbox, Subway, Target, Brinker International (Valid at: Chili's, On The Border, Romano's Macaroni Grill, and Maggiano's Little Italy)

These may be subjected to change without notice.

4. How will I know if the letters are being sent?

With each letter we send out, we will email a confirmation to the email address listed on your account the campaign letter that was sent out, the client it was sent to and what gift card or redemption code was sent with it. You will always be informed of everything we are sending out on your behalf.

5. I'm loving this idea... How much does it cost?

Don't look at it as a cost; look at it as an investment! A $300,000 sale with 3% commission would net you $9k before your broker fees. For $175 your giving you clients an amazing closing gift that lasts a whole year. Every time someone talks about buying or selling your name will be the first thing your clients think of. Click here to see all campaigns.

6. Can I get a discount if I pay for multiple campaigns?

Yes! We offer discounts on our 12 month buyer campaigns. Purchasing a block of 5 campaigns will entitle you to a reduced fee of $170 per campaign, giving you a $25 discount. Purchasing a block of 10 or more will give you an even greater reduction of $160 per campaign, giving you a discount of $75 or more! Once the invoice for the campaign block is paid we will update your account with activation codes that you can use on any campaign at anytime you choose! All you need to do to purchase a campaign block is contact our sales department ( and let us know the number of campaigns you would like in your block and which type of campaigns you want included. Log on to your account and click on the codes for more information.

7. I have activation codes can I share them with my team?

Yes, you can share activation codes with your team for their own campaigns. You can keep track of which activation codes have been used and by whom simply by logging on to your account.

8. Can I co-brand the letter with another user?

Yes, Buyers Campaigns allow for co-branding. Under your account > co-branding you can request the users co-branding ID or send yours. When creating a Buyers Campaign simple enter the users co-branding ID, we take care of everything from there. Both the campaign owner and co-brander will receive notifications when letters are sent.

9. How do I sign up and is there a fee to sign up?

Signing up is simple. Just enter your active email address and create your password. We will send you an email confirmation to complete registration, once you click that you are done! There is no charge to sign up, it is free to join and there are no monthly fees to pay. Our campaigns range from $15 to $175, but we also administer special offers and promotions throughout the year. Sign up today and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for discounts.

10. What if a deal falls through and I have to cancel my campaign?

Campaigns are activated by the Start date. As long as the campaign has not been activated it can be cancelled. After cancellation we will credit your account with an activation code to be used on your next campaign build. Contact our support team ( for help.

11. Can I update the letters to say something else?

Unfortunately not, all the letters are created under the supervision of Realtors® to generate referrals. Each letter in each campaign work together to get you more referrals, and it creates personal connection with your clients.